6/2-6/4 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca: PCA, SCCA, Spec Miata, Pantera Show, and more!

The past weekend was great. As we arrived at the location at around 10pm on Thursday, the team proceeded to set up the canopy until 3am, only to wake up at 6am the same morning to work the event. It was especially cool seeing old friends from Muellerized..., and even meeting the son of one of my mentors. As always, the cars were exceptional, from the peppy little Spec Miatas, to the 800 hp turbocharged NSX, all the way to TRG's LeMans winning 996 GT3 car. The highlight of the event was Craig Lyons in his 981 GT4 Clubsport. Craig qualified on the podium, however his radiator was damaged during the qualifying. This forced Craig to resign from the first race, losing the podium start, making him start from the back of the pack. Craig passed a total of 36 cars during the second race out of the 47 that were racing, and went on to take the first place during the third and final round. Great run!

As usual, no clickthrough, and no BS ads. Enjoy! Share with friends, and feel free to download the pictures if you see your car!

5/20/2017: American Graffiti @ Petaluma, CA

It's been a long time since I posted anything, mostly because I've been nothing but busy. For once, I got a chance to go to a car show, and boy was it awesome. Themed after the "American Graffiti" movie, this show brought about cars from all around the Sonoma county, and these cars were done right. Enough talk, here's another one of our gallery posts, that does not require you to click through a million pages loaded with ads and worthless photos. 


Shop Candy: Unique, Rare, and Just Plain Cool- Vol. 1

Here's a compilation of some awesome machines that have been dropped off at the shop I work at. Oh and try guessing what car that engine came out of. 

All the Rauh Welt Begriff cars that have stopped by:

An Electric 944 "Tesla Killer"

Mercedes Gullwing that has been restored by the new owner. 

Bisi dropped by, showing off his twin turbo monstrosity. 

Magnus comes over once in a while, too.