Created in December of 2015, That Automotive Blog was intended to be a network by enthusiasts- for enthusiasts. The idea was to go back to the roots of blogging, back when quality content was far more important than a photo or two accompanied by ads. Nowadays, click-bait blogs prevail the internet. Whether it's a news site or a fashion portfolio, it seems to be downright impossible to browse any site without having to go through dozens of ad-sets. TAB doesn't have that; the only ad block you will find is the one at the bottom of the page, and the ones at the bottom of any post written by any other author besides Suren. Our writers are free-lance enthusiasts, the creator of this blog is a professional car enthusiast, and the editors are hired on demand. Our purpose is simple- provide the type of content that we would like to read ourselves. 

And speaking of free-lance writers and new content, TAB is going through some changes next year! Click here to learn more.